How Much Time Do You Need To Rank Your Website?

All business owners would love to know how much time do you need to rank your website?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. You may be familiar with websites that are promoting programs that promise to get your business ranked number 1 in Google search rankings for just 3 payments of $99.95.

These banners pop up all the time and freeze up your browser at times.

They all promise to give you top rankings overnight. Don’t be duped into these scams.

Sadly, not only do these black hat SEO tactics fail to work but they can also get your website penalized or banned.

Using unethical SEO like black hat or hiring a company to do this for you has dire consequences for your business. This may stop your website from showing up in any of the search engines.

Google uses algorithms to measure relevant data about websites. An analysis is then made based on this data which results in ranking similar websites from highest to lowest in search engine results pages.

The goal then is to get your website optimized to align with Google’s algorithm.

Google finds your website by using spiders or crawlers to crawl through millions of web pages each day. These bots collect data and add it to an index of the entire worldwide web.

When people are doing searches they are actually searching the Google index of information of all sites that have been crawled.

Pages are ranked based on several known factors. SEO is one of them. This means that a website with good SEO will rank higher than those with poor SEO. Your site has to contain the right keywords, titles, image text and has no errors.

Google considers sites that are less than 6 months a “new” site. This refers to how long the site has been live on the web and not how long someone has owned its URL.

Older sites are viewed as more reliable by search engines and are less prone to post spam and unverified information.

This means that sites below 6 months old rank slowly compared to older sites.

Keywords are another ranking factor that you can target using SEO. These are words and phrases that are typed in search bars when doing online searches.

The more often words are searched for means they are “competitive” in the eyes of Google.

Google spider bots are always crawling for sites that have fresh and relevant content. They take into consideration the length of the post, originality, and timeliness.

Building quality external links are also among the top ranking signals that Google uses. This is done by publishing high-quality content and wait for high authority sites to link to you.

You also need to come up with fresh content all the time. Spider bots are always hungry for new content. They get bored with stale and outdated information. You need to feed the hunger of these bots by producing a steady stream of high quality and relevant content.

A study was made by Ahrefs and it showed that the average website that ranked number 1 was over 900 days old.

Good SEO can get your site ranked in 6 months. There are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving rank. Spending 6 months of doing the best SEO both on page and off page will give you lasting results.

Once you earn a search engines trust, you will be rewarded. Google will consider your site for the type of industry and content that you provide whenever someone makes a search.

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